11 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Write Your Manuscript

After you have conducted your research, beginning the process of turning your study into a manuscript for publication can seem overwhelming. To help you get started, we’ve compiled 11 questions you should ask yourself as you write your paper. How will I structure my manuscript? Do most of the journals in your field follow the IMRaD structure? (Introduction -> Materials and Methods -> Results -> Discussions and Conclusions.) Even if the journal you publish in doesn’t follow this exact format, many follow a structure that is similar. Make sure each section of your manuscript helps to tell the story of your … Read more…

Six Tips for the Early Career Researcher

We asked Alex C. Michalos, Emeritus Professor in Political Science from the University of Northern British Columbia, to share advice he would give to scholars standing at the beginning of their careers. Throughout his long, accomplished career he has won many awards, has published 27 books and 118 refereed articles, and founded or co-founded seven scholarly journals including the most frequently cited journal in the world devoted to business ethics, Journal of Business Ethics. He is also the Editor of the 12-volume Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research. As researchers I suppose most of us are pretty good … Read more…

Reddit 101 for Scientists

When it comes to utilizing social media in the science community, you might not automatically think about including Reddit into your activities. While Reddit threads may have a reputation for being controversial, there is another side to Reddit that is both important and useful to the scientific world. What exactly is Reddit? You can think of Reddit as one giant virtual conference for every discipline and subject you could imagine where people break off into smaller groups -called subreddits- to talk about topics interesting to them. When you first enter Reddit it looks like one large message board. When you register … Read more…

Five Things Scientists Should be Doing on Social Media

Sean Ekins is CSO of Collaborative Drug Discovery, CEO of Phoenix Nest, CEO of Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Inc, and CSO of the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation. In addition, he serves on the Editorial Board of Pharmaceutical Research, and is passionate about using social media to help publicize science. He shared five tips with us for what you can do as a researcher and scientist to help elevate your scientific career.

Research videos that matter

Research videos can be an important tool in your research, but with the state of video on the web it may seem as though cats run things. There are over 2 million cat videos on YouTube, and we think research videos deserve a larger slice of that pie. Scientific publishing is constantly evolving, and as we look to the future we want to create the best, most useful videos possible, videos that will make an impact on your life as a researcher and scientist.