Your perks as a Springer author just got better

Following the formation of our new company Springer Nature, now all Springer authors receive a 40% author discount on book orders, no matter the format (eBook or print) or order source (web shop or via customer service). Does your author contract still say 33%? Don’ worry — it’s now 40% for you, too.

Application is easy

  • Log into your MySpringer account to begin (access via in the blue MySpringer box on the left).
  • Search for the desired book or browse our catalogue.
  • The discounted book prices will be displayed to you automatically.

Happy book browsing and reading! And remember: Our eBooks can be read on all common devices, and for print we offer free shipping & handling globally.

*Applies to book authors. And chapter authors. And article authors, too!

4 thoughts on “Your perks as a Springer author just got better

  1. Hi, Claudia,

    One quick question about the new author’s discount. For a book that’s already published, would the author also receive 40% discount, or is it only for books published after the announcement date?

    Thanks in advance for your clarification,


    • Hi Ken, all authors receive the same discount (40%) no matter when their work was published. Best regards, Claudia

  2. Hello Claudia,

    I am a Springer author and editor. When I login in the Springer Authors I do not see the discount.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you and Best Regards
    Franco Cataldo

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