The Top Books Published in 2017

A quick search for English-language Springer Nature books on Bookmetrix for the year 2017 yields over 7,000 titles. Some were published in early 2017, others not until December. Regardless, they made a big impact in 2017!

We track download numbers on SpringerLink, citations are sourced from and online mentions are provided by

  • A whopping 47.5% of these books have had one or more online mentions (up from 42% in 2016), varying between news articles, tweets, blogs and other posts.
  • 33% have had even three or more mentions!
  • The average number of mentions per book increased to 6 in 2017 (4.5 in 2016).
  • 31% of the titles published in 2017 were cited at least once (up from 25% since last year).
  • The average number of citations per book increased from 0.91 to 1.2.

More than just book usage tracking

Bookmetrix reveals how often a book was downloaded, cited or mentioned (e.g. in social media). Furthermore, Bookmetrix gathers the number of book reviews and includes excerpts of these reviews. It also shows the number of readers, users who included the respective book in their personal library on, and displays all these performance indicators in one single place: A book or chapter Bookmetrix details page.

Since fall 2017, Bookmetrix book and chapter pages have also included benchmarks. How does a particular book compare to the discipline average, both in downloads and citations? – Valuable information for both authors and readers alike!

Now take a look at the Bookmetrix details pages of last year’s top titles, ordered by the number of downloads, citations and mentions.

#1 in Downloads

Proceedings of the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education was downloaded 290,459 times! View more on Bookmetrix.

Click here for books ranked 1-5.

#1 in Citations

Inflammation-Associated Depression: Evidence, Mechanisms and Implications was cited 63 times! View all performance data here.

Click here for books ranked 1-5.

#1 in Mentions

Social Informatics was mentioned online 624 times! Go to Bookmetrix to see all of the metrics for this book.

Click here for books ranked 1-5.


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Bookmetrix is a unique platform that offers authors a comprehensive overview of the reach, usage and readership of their book or chapter by providing various book-level and chapter-level metrics all in one place. Springer Nature developed Bookmetrix in partnership with Altmetric. Learn more here.

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