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Interested in learning more about the facts behind the stories you read from the media? Each month we’re pulling some of the major headlines from the news, and pairing them with research articles related to the topic. With the power of SharedIt, you’ll be able to read full journal articles and share them with others!

The FIFA corruption trial began in New York courts in the United States this month.
If found guilty, South American officials could face prison time.

Learn more about the corruption issues in: World cup 2026 now accepting bribes: a fundamental transformation of FIFA’s world cup bid process from The International Sports Law Journal.

The Australian government gets ready to vote on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia, after 61.6% of the population voted in support.

Learn more about Australia’s attempts to get to this point in the country’s history in Factors Affecting Heterosexual Attitudes to Same-Sex Marriage in Australia in Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

Zimbabwe is facing a tense situation after its president Robert Mugabe was put under house arrest by the country’s military.

Take a closer look at the urban governance system in Zimbabwe in Social Change: Urban Governance and Urbanization in Zimbabwe in Urban Forum

Reports of sexual harassment and misconduct continue to plague Hollywood and US media outlets.

Understand the role sexual harassment plays in the workplace in Parsing Work Environments Along the Dimensions of Sexual and Non-Sexual Harassment: Drawing Lines in Office Sand from the Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal.

Bali’s Mount Agung volcano eruption causes havoc in the region

Learn about the previous eruption in The 1963–1964 eruption of Agung volcano (Bali, Indonesia) from Bulletin of Volcanology. 

Featured image: Newsstand by Nicholas Boos. CC 2.0 via Flickr.

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