Researching January’s News with SharedIt

Interested in learning more about the facts behind the stories you read from the media? Each month we’re pulling some of the major headlines from the news, and pairing them with research articles related to the topic. With the power of SharedIt, you’ll be able to read full journal articles and share them with others!

Learn more about the effects of DACA in Schooling and labor market effects of temporary authorization: evidence from DACA from the Journal of Population Economics.

Find out more about how oil spills effect the environment in Studies on marine oil spills and their ecological damage from the Journal of Ocean University of China.

  • Facebook is combating fake news with a new feature that allows user to rate the credibility of shared news stories.

Read more about the fake news epidemic in Deep stories, nostalgia narratives, and fake news: Storytelling in the Trump era from the American Journal of Cultural Sociology.

Learn more about voter satisfaction in Inter-country differences in voter satisfaction with the democratic process: a study of world elections from Public Choice.

  • Stargazers in certain parts of the US were in for a treat on the last day of the month when a rare event combining a total lunar eclipse with a blue moon and a supermoon lit up the sky.

Read observations from a lunar eclipse from 1982 in Abnormally dark lunar eclipse on december 30, 1982 from The Moon and the planets.

Featured image: Newsstand by Nicholas Boos. CC 2.0 via Flickr.

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