Introducing The Source: Our Core Principles and What to Expect

Who is our audience? You, the researchers: In all the various roles you take on during your careers as authors, editors, reviewers and more. Throughout different stages, too—from early career researchers to esteemed Editors-in-Chief.

Our Core Principles


It is our loyalty and commitment to our researchers that drives us forward to trial new services, develop new business models and products, and expand our partnerships to meet authors’ growing needs.


You as an author have the right to know the services you can access and what your publisher is working toward.


We are genuinely dedicated to informing you in the simplest, most accessible way possible—no corporate-speak or hard sells here. If we vouch for a service or product, it’s because we’ve truly tried it and believe it will be of use or interest to you.

What to Expect

The blog will vary in scope. We’ve broken it down in its current iterations into sections per audience (authors, editors, reviewers, open access advocates and early career researchers), but you can expect some crossover on the following types of posts:

  • Company/industry news
  • Author services insights, trials & new launches
  • Profiles & interviews
  • How-to articles
  • Educational videos
  • And more!

We’ll do our best to keep things light and informative, and we hope you’ll join us as we navigate publishing and this venture into blogging.  Feel free to comment when and if we get it particularly right or wrong. We’re pretty new to this.


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