Bookmetrix summer update

Hello from steaming hot Heidelberg! This year, which marks Springer’s 175th anniversary, we are experiencing a memorably hot summer. And while writing this blog post, I’m hoping that our office cafeteria serves iced coffee in the afternoon… With this in mind I chose the following book title Cool Math for Hot Music and will use it as an example to show you the latest enhancements to our Bookmetrix platform.

Thanks to a strong team of new developers who quickly grasped both the importance and the potential of Bookmetrix, new services are being prototyped and released at a high pace. So it is rapidly becoming a versatile platform for book metrics and book discovery that offers real benefits for authors, readers, and librarians (not to mention Springer Nature colleagues) alike.

Author affiliation information based on GRID

Digital Science’s GRID is a Global Research Identifier Database that currently includes 74.5K research organizations. We have imported all these affiliations, which will help us to provide reporting on an institution’s reach and publication output.

Get report: print/download your book’s report

By clicking the GET REPORT button on a publication’s Bookmetrix details page, you can request a report that gives you the full overview of its annual and current usage, citation, readership and any other available data. The report will be sent to you immediately via email.

Subscribe to monthly updates

The SUBSCRIBE button will make sure you receive a monthly update on the chosen book’s performance. You will get an email that links you to a page with the latest changes in downloads, citations, mentions, reviews or Mendeley readers.

Like what you see? – Order eBooks with just a click

Bookmetrix data helps readers to decide if a book would be useful for their own work. If you decide that a particular book meets your needs, click GET BOOK to seamlessly order the book from our web shop or – if you are already a customer – read it on SpringerLink.

Author service

We are also excited about the collaboration with other Springer Nature platform teams. Thanks to their developers, it is now possible to embed Bookmetrix data on authors’ personal MySpringer pages. Authors can now get the full overview: their list of publications, their personal free eBooks, their books’ annual performance reports, and – delivered by Bookmetrix – the latest information on the book’s impact.


We continue to improve the service quality and have now increased Bookmetrix’s speed: book and chapter details pages now load ca. 26% faster! Our UX (User Experience) specialists are conducting interviews with customers and colleagues and are working on a redesign of the book details pages; as we add new types of information, we want to make sure the pages remain easy to navigate.

Stay tuned!

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