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This month's service spotlight is on our latest offering for researchers, Recommended. Keeping up with the latest research in your field just got easier than ever before. A closer look at Recommended There are over 4,000 new primary research papers published every day. In a survey of nature.com users from 2015, we learned that regardless [...]

With content spanning several publishers including Springer, Nature, Palgrave Macmillan, BioMed Central and more, we're positioned to offer you some of the best content in the research community. Our content includes the type of material that will not only help you with your specific research needs as an academic, but with information that is useful for [...]

What does it take to get your journal article from submission to publication? How does your book go from a manuscript to a title available at your university library? When your journal partners with Springer Nature for distribution, what steps are taking place to ensure all goes smoothly? We're answering these questions and more in [...]

By: Lucy Frisch You might have heard the term pilot used before in one of our many initiatives here at Springer Nature. For example, SharedIt began as a pilot with our Nature portfolio of journals. Pilots by definition are simply a test. Many times you probably won't even know a pilot is taking place. An e-mail [...]

We announced our content sharing initiative SharedIt back in October of 2016. After a successful trial period with Nature-branded journals in December 2014, which resulted in an additional 1.3 million article accesses, we rolled out the initiative to our Springer portfolio of journals. In addition to sharing articles that are available on Nature.com, starting in [...]

We're starting a new series on The Source that will highlight the various unique benefits that come with being a Springer Nature author. This month the spotlight is on MyCopy, a service offered for our Springer and Palgrave books. A closer look at MyCopy MyCopy is a print-on-demand soft cover edition of an eBook for $24.99 / [...]

Thanks for being a reader of The Source! As we head into 2017, we wanted to wrap up 2016 by highlighting some of the best moments from the blog in the last year. The Source began in July 2015, and since then we're continuously working on bringing you the most relevant and interesting information from Springer [...]

By: Martijn Roelandse, Head of Publishing Innovation With the year-end in sight, it's time to draw up the scores for Bookmetrix. It has been an energizing year with many new features and developments. Probably the most popular one is the Print book report, an easy way to print a summary of the reach and impact of your books. And [...]

By: Iain Hrynaszkiewicz We want to enable all of our authors and editors to publish the best research and promote wider access to research data, and other materials that support publications. To help achieve this we have introduced enhanced display and discovery of supplementary materials (additional files) in BioMed Central and SpringerOpen journals, in partnership [...]

When you've come to the end of the publication process, and it's time to see your book sold to colleagues, students, and researchers we know there are many questions about how we get your book to Amazon. We asked the Product & Metadata Management team to explain the processes that brings your book from our [...]