New tool to ease your writing and submission process – Overleaf!

Overleaf is a cloud-based scientific authoring platform which makes it easy for you to write, collaborate, and publish technical documents, with the provision of a simplified writing and publishing tool for Springer authors.

Twenty Springer journals will each offer simplified, 1-click submission links from the Overleaf platform directly into the Springer submission system. Each journal will provide an online link from the journal website to the Springer article template within the Overleaf platform. This will provide you with a fast, simple way to collaborate and write articles, with no manual setup required. Overleaf ‘TeXperts’ are also on hand to help with any questions you may have while writing your paper. And with real-time, automated composition, you can see what the finished file will look like – as you write.


Once the manuscript is complete, you will be able to submit the file for publication with 1 click. The file and necessary metadata will automatically transfer to the Springer submission system – significantly simplifying the submission process.

John Hammersley, CEO and co-founder of Overleaf, said “We look forward to providing researchers with an easy-to-use option for writing and submitting manuscripts to several Springer journals. By providing a simple and efficient Springer template and submission links within the Overleaf platform, we’re offering our users another great option to simplify the publication process.” 

Martijn Roelandse, Manager Publishing Innovation at Springer, said “By working with Overleaf, our authors will have access to cutting-edge technology that can simplify their writing, collaboration and publishing processes. We’re very happy to be able to provide this service to our authors.” 

The 20 journals taking part in this initial set up can be found here.


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The author: , CMO at Overleaf and champion for innovation in the scientific and publishing communities through amazing new technologies

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