8 Ways Researchers in China are Utilizing Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are likely familiar names if you’re an academic in the Western world. You’ve probably utilized one of these channels to promote your research. If you haven’t started yet, read more posts here to get started. However, fellow researchers in China do not typically have access to these platforms. China has a robust network of social media platforms. The most popular, WeChat serves as the go-to app for anything and everything including sharing updates, photos, messaging, transferring money and much more.

Last year we conducted a survey at Springer Nature to gain a better understanding of how social media platforms are being utilized by researchers professionally in China. Below are eight interesting takeaways from the results we gathered.

  1. 90% of respondents stated that they use some form of social media for professional use
  2. WeChat has the highest overall usage among survey respondents at 70%
  3. The five best known social media platforms are WeChat, Google+, Weibo, Facebook, and YouTube
  4. 36% of respondents use social media to share content with those outside of academia
  5. The most shared type of scientific content was opinions on topics related to their field
  6. The platform most used for discovering and reading content is WeChat followed closely behind by Google+
  7. Accessing and reading published articles was the most commonly selected activity by researchers who use social media
  8. Linkedin is a popular platform for networking and collaborating with 42% of respondents using it for this purpose (vs. 68% using WeChat for this reason)

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