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August 2016

After you have conducted your research, beginning the process of turning your study into a manuscript for publication can seem overwhelming. To help you get started, we’ve compiled 11 questions you should ask yourself as you write your paper. How will I structure my manuscript? Do most of the journals in your field follow the IMRaD [...]

Peer Reviewers help safeguard the quality of work being published in a journal. When you take the time to review, you are helping to uphold a journal’s academic credibility. But reviewing generally happens anonymously, making it hard for experts to prove how much they do, or which journals rely on their reviewing expertise.

We asked Alex C. Michalos, Emeritus Professor in Political Science from the University of Northern British Columbia, to share advice he would give to scholars standing at the beginning of their careers. Throughout his long, accomplished career he has won many awards, has published 27 books and 118 refereed articles, and founded or co-founded seven [...]